Kaai Suzuki

UI/UX Designer and Front-end developer, From Tokyo to Vancouver

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Photo by Yoshiro Hayakawa

Kaai Suzuki

Kaai is strongly focusing on branding, based on experience in fashion design and graphic design. Emphasizes creating a smooth flow for users and clients logically when designing and developing websites. Over four years of work experience, and always striving to improve by learning about new designs, frameworks, libraries, and more. In the outside of work, She is Electronic music(Particularly Ambient Music), Yoga enthusiast and gallery-goers who really loves exploring art pieces, new music, and fashion. She is always seeking fields to challenge something to push outside her comfort zone especially about improving her creativity.



UI design and Graphic design

Illustrator / Photoshop / Sketch / Figma / Indesign / XD / Invision Studio


Figma with Principle / Framer X / Adobe XD / Invision Studio / Paper prototyping

Digital / Analog Illustration

Concept making / Branding / UX strategy


Responsive Website Development

HTML / CSS and Sass with BEM, OOCSS or SMACSS (compile with Gulp or Webpack) / Javascript / jQuery / Bootstrap / GSAP / Git

WordPress Development

Creating WordPress theme / Knowledge of plugins

Web App development

PHP / Vue.js / Laravel / MySQL / React.js / Webpack / Material UI / Development with Web API / Node.js (with Express framework) / MongoDB / Redux


Google Apps(Docs, sheets, slides and forms including to use Google Apps Script) / Google Analytics / Google Optimize / SEO solution with Google Search Console and hrefs