Clipboxes teaser website

Landing page for the international campaign of Clipbox, which is for the app to manage files on your Smartphone. *This App is chosen as iOS best app 2016 in Japan


UI/UX design, Front-end development, Project Management

Created with

Sketch, HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery

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Using : HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery

This is the campaign website for “Clipboxes” which has published as an Android app to publish/growth in the outside of Japan. I directed, designed and developed this website with paying attention to developing front-end in short terms, such as under 2-3 weeks with the well-structured appearance.

This is corresponding to the following 9 languages. Language automatically changes depends on the language on your browser settings.

  • – English
  • – Chinese (TC, SC)
  • – Indonesia
  • – Thai
  • – Español
  • – Português
  • – German
  • – Hindi

Considered the difference between Japan and overseas

Probably you would find the difference about how to show information on the website or every advertisement between Japan and some other country, especially North America and Europe. Normally, Japanese Advertisement is always trying to put every information even in a very limited space as much as possible to inform every information properly. However, at least North America and Europe were the opposite for the way of thinking about how to place, design the information, according to my research. I could see they make elements of huge impacts even there’s only a few information by using both visual(Photography or Illustration and so on) and typography.


Less Words, More Visuals

I tried to make the words minimize as much as possible compared to the domestic website, then I also tried to add Visual, such as Illustration to the part which cannot be compensated by the text information, to be easy to think the scene to use.

These Illustration below is also I made.


Mobilephone View

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