Roomvu provides real-estate marketing solutions together with talented creators such as Photographers, Videographers and so on to Entire Canada and West Coast U.S.

Frontend Web development, UI/UX design consultation
Created with
Laravel, Vue.js, Sketch, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premier Pro
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Frontend web development in fast-paced environment

I experienced front-end web development to improve my communication skill between designers and developers to bridge the gaps.

Roomvu Store ToppageRoomvu Toppage

Roomvu has two websites which are:

  • Roomvu - Provide auto updated stats-based video for REALTOR®︎'s marketing solution
  • Roomvu Store - Provide some other modern and professional technology together with specialists such as photography, videography, Floorplan, virtual tours and so on

I made UI for those 2 websites with Laravel, Vue.js, jQuery(Partially Vanilla.js) and Sass.

store Service Provider Landing Page
Roomvu Agent Dashboard Page

Considered point

  • Created reusable components to minimize time for implementation
  • Delivered pixel-perfect development even within a very short period of time for each of tasks.
  • Made image size or file extension properly optimized to improve page-load speeds
  • Considered place appropriate HTML tags to be crawled by Google SEO's crawler
  • Implemented interactions as needed

Roomvu store photography service page
Roomvu Landing page

The design system

I also created the front-end component to look consistently everywhere in the app.

Roomvu style guide
Roomvu style guide
Other Projects

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