Supporting the growth of Takenaka's brand as a new kind of Japanese food truck from East Vancouver to everywhere.

Art direction, UI design, Graphic design, Front-end web development(mainly maintaining)
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Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress(HTML, CSS, JS with PHP)
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Project overview

Takenaka was planning to open a food truck in 2020 Spring. I'm getting involved as a designer for their own food truck and some graphic design around their branding.

Key things to build brands

Since Vancouver already has a lot of Japanese meals, We have gotten to make something different from existing market images.

Their image was "A little luxury sushi-restaurant transform as food truck". Thanks to all the menu quite look not just delicious but artistic, I thought it'd be able to catch young-generation foodie's eyes. Hence, I applied eye-catching Japanese patterns with hexagon, which is a symbol of fortune as a tradition in Japan on their foodtruck, like a Japanese Fusuma(sliding screen) or partitions.

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The graphic for their branding is coming from Japanese blue. Japan has very popular and traditional kinds of potteries for a long time, such as Hasami-Yaki, Koimari, Kutani-Yaki, and so on. Usually these kinds of pottery have blue-colored pattern which comes from Japanese indigo. therefore I thought the indigo color should be a good color to introduce them and make impression to the people about Takenaka's food truck.

Takenaka Styleguide

Takenaka Symbols

So far we have now this color scheme for branding. However, we are still testing and observing customer's impressions for Takenaka and possibilities of brand experience.

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