Z magazine

The 3rd eye of SZDP - Mood board blog


UI design, Front-end development

Created with

Wordpress, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, GSAP, Figma

Website for Animation Experiment

This Website is for clearly introducing my tastes/interests and what I’m thinking about.
This website is created by WordPress to fully express my interests separately by category with some of micro-interactions and animations.


Like a wall decoration or collages notebook

The design is the most important things for this website.
The layout was composed with a Grid-based layout to order randomly and well organized.
I also design to see interaction by clicking, hovering elements or scrolling pages.


Color and Typography- inspired from Zen

The name of “Z magazine” is coming from the Japanese word “Zen” and the alphabet of “Z” which is containing in my last name. I named to express the thinking of “To cherish everything even it was un-noticeable”

Colors of this Z magazine is coming from the meaning of Zen too to express an aesthetic sense of Japanese beauty. In fact, Japanese traditional color has over 1,000 amount of name according to the color history of Japan, and 300 colors are still popular for the Web and Print products.

I picked up “Kinari” from some of the white colors to express minimalism and simplicity of Japanese Zen, like a Japanese paper, which contains the meaning to be proud of being born as a Japanese full of delicate sensibility.
Japanese traditional color has a variety kind of black and white. This such sensitivity of Japanese beauty should be so proudful as a person who was born in Japan.


Mobile view

Yet the mobile phone has some of the restriction for adding animation or interaction sometimes, I designed to keep the atmosphere of Desktop view.

Other Projects



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