Team development mainly created by PHP as the final project in Nexseed, known as a programming Bootcamp in Cebu, Philippine.

Full-stack development
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Look over entirely by learning both frontend and backend

In the winter of 2016, 3 months experience of PHP development was very impressive and meaningful for me.
Through PHP programming, I could have a knowledge of both client side and server side. this experience is very meaningful for me, particularly to communicate designer and developer to manage some of the projects in my entire career.


4 weeks of the team development with 4 team mate with 1 manager

Each of the members is assigned by the pages or components to developing by a team. I created the parts below as a full-stack developer:

  • Header in each pages including identify signing in or not
  • UI design and backend development for signup and sign in
  • Modal view which appears only the visitor who is visited for the first time

Client-side looks very minimum appearance thanks to creating with Bootstrap snippets, but I think the basic knowledge of how to code for backend should have been my key experience to develop a website with JavaScript as well.

See the website
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