Grab your wants fast! - App for getting information by just tapping once about what you want with the React.js Experiment

UI/UX design, Front-end development
Created with
React.js, Google Maps API, Foursquare API, Javascript, HTML5/CSS3, Sass, Invision Studio
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Immediately we want to grab what we want, by just tapping once

Some of what we want immediately is hard to find, which makes us trouble sometimes.

For example, coffee shop to just stop by on the way to commute or break time for work. Juice stand or bubble tea shop for when we get thirsty. Public WiFi spot when you get trouble about the restriction of internet speed. Or shops where is available power outlet if the battery for mobile phone or laptop is almost gone.
Every place is hard to find in fact.

Simple, easy app for every lazy people

The concept for this app is “Simple, easy app for every lazy people”.I created two of personas like below:

  • – 20 yrs old woman who is into fashion, always finding and trying trend apps
  • – 30 yrs old businessman who is always connecting to the internet to research something

From the thinking of “What is the convenience?”, I chose some of the words such as “Fast”, “Cheap”, “Fresh and delicious” and so on. then eventually I created 4 icons inspired by the logos of the Fast-food chains, which is coming from those words I chose.


From this result, I noticed Warm colors(mainly red) is the major for thinking of the word “fast”

Finding out information nearby your current location

It will tell information about the Coffee shop, Bubble tea stand, Wi-fi spot, and places available power outlet by just tapping from the top page.

Switching the category is also available by just tapping once.


This app is still improving to correspond to the mobile app for the future. You can see the actual website with the process of improvement, from the links below.

See the website
View code on github
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